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Prepare for storm season

Mar 22, 2024 Share
Prepare for storm season

Storm season is upon us. As many Oklahomans know, it is important to be prepared for severe weather. The first thing you should do during storm season is to stay informed! Keep tabs on the weather through the local news stations via TV, radio and internet.


Have a place to seek shelter. We all know storms in Oklahoma can be impactful; have a safe place to go, weather that is seeking cover in your own storm shelter, a community shelter, or seeking shelter at a friend or family member’s house. If you are seeking shelter that is not in your residence; be at your destination well in advance.


If you have a storm shelter, clean it! After sitting vacant for most of the year, your shelter could have accumulated dust, leaves and even bugs. You may also want to leave some supplies in there as well.


Create an emergency kit in case you must seek shelter. This kit should consist of items such as bottled water, a first aid kit, radio, leather gloves, flashlights with extra batteries, blankets and medications. Make sure to take this kit with you during storm precautions.  


Did you know that our homes are built with Oklahoma storm season in mind? Keep reading to learn about what we add to every home to make your safer during storm season.


Hailstorm Resistant Siding

We install LP SmartSide. This hail-resistant, treated, engineered wood siding can withstand up to 1.75” hail. This is important, as hail greater than penny-sized can cause some major damage to your home. If your home has vinyl siding, aluminum or stucco, then your home could suffer from chips, cracks, dents and even holes.


Tornado Straps

Also known as hurricane straps, tornado straps secure the top plate of your home to the rafters. This keeps your roof more secure during strong winds that are associated with severe weather.


Oriented Strand Board

Oriented strand board (OSB) is a strong sheathing that is composed of alternating layers of wood. We add OSB to the entire perimeter of your home.


Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are a unique bolt that has a J-shape. These bolts secure the bottom of your home to the foundation. We sink the anchor bolts 8” into the concrete of the stem wall and the J-shape locks the bolt in place, keeping your walls secure to the foundation. 

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