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Plasma Air

Jul 20, 2021 Share
Plasma Air

We are excited to announce the Plasma Air 600 will now be installed in every home that is under construction*. This is a huge accomplishment to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the home.


The Plasma Air 600 ionizers produce an equal amount of positive and negative oxygen ions neutralizing harmful pollutants and odors in the home. This self-balancing unit is highly versatile as it may be installed at the fan inlet of an air-handling unit, the furnace, or in the air stream of a ductless split system with screws or magnet.


The PlasmaAir 600 has been tested by Tayra and backed by the Spanish Ministry of Defense Biological Laboratory in Spain. It has proven its effectiveness of Plasma Air Ionization technology in the reduction of MS2 Bacteriophage, a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), in indoor environments.


“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we took steps to ensure the safety of our staff and our valued customers. After extensive research in the market, we finally found a product that proved to be effective in combating the virus. We want to make this a standard on each and every home we build so our customers had an extra means of protection in their home as well as a peace of mind. At Home Creations, we have made safety one of our highest standards and are proud to present the Plasma Air 600 in the homes we build,” MJ Farzaneh, Director of Construction, said.


We pride ourselves on building energy efficient, safe homes. Besides reducing bad pathogens from your home, the Plasma Air 600 can reduce energy usage and increase indoor air quality. According to Plasma Air, this product can cut outdoor air intake by 75%, reduce up to 30% of ongoing energy use and reduce up to 25% HVAC equipment costs.


*(Please note implementation dates vary per home. Visit with a sales consultant for more details).

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