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No. 22 - Uponor AquaPEX

Jun 8, 2021 Share
No. 22 - Uponor AquaPEX


Uponor AquaPEX is a unique plumbing system with the most extensive testing in the industry. This all-inclusive plumbing system is made of flexible tubes that will not corrode. The flexibility in these tubes allows for fewer connection points which can cause fewer potential leak points. These tubes have a cold-expansion fitting which eliminates the possibility of bad connections caused by human error. The cold expansions also create a larger diameter for increased water flow.


About the fittings

The fittings for the Uponor plumbing system has a cold-expansion fitting and a larger diameter fitting for greater flow compared to insert fittings.



These tubes resist corrosion, pitting and scaling. They are low thermal transfer and easily withstand high temperatures and pressures well above standard.



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