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No. 21 - Fire Safety

Jun 1, 2021 Share
No. 21 - Fire Safety

Our homeowners’ safety is important to us. That is why we add several safety features behind the walls of every home we build - like ToughRockFireguard45.

We feel some homeowners may be concerned about a house fire, which could cause damage and personal injury. Did you know the walls that form the interior structure of most homes do not make fire resistance a priority?

We do make fire safety a priority by installing ToughRock Fireguard45 with 2”x4” wood studs spaced 16” off center to interior walls. This makes the interior walls 45-minute fire-rated, meaning in occurrence of a house fire, you could have up to 45 minutes to vacate your house or have enough time for emergency responders to save your home.

ToughRockFireguard45 is a gypsum board that has a noncombustible core formulated to increase the strength and resistance to the passage of heat. This gypsum board provides no less than 45-minute fire resistance rating for boards ½” thick. Hence the name Fireguard45!  

Besides fire safety, there are other benefits to ToughRock Fireguard45! This product can reduce the transmission of sounds between rooms. It also provides increased core strength to help maintain the beauty and durability of your interior walls for years to come.


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