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Is your child leaving for college? It might be time to redecorate

Jul 20, 2023 Share
Is your child leaving for college? It might be time to redecorate

Graduation is just around the corner and Oklahoma families are preparing to send a new generation of Oklahoma students on their college adventure.

Graduation is a time for new beginnings. For many parents, it also means that their child will be leaving the nest. From the time you decorated the nursery, your child has always been living under your roof.

As homebuilders, our team at Home Creations cannot help but wonder: What will you do with the newly available space in your home when your child heads off to college?

While some people leave their child’s room, other empty nesters lift the blues with a major redecoration or renovation project.

Either way, here are a few things to consider:

Give your graduate a heads up!

Departing home is not easy for new high school graduates. Sure, it means freedom and the beginning of a new chapter, but even the coolest or most mature 18-year-olds will miss home. Imagine the shock if they were to come home to find their bedroom was no longer theirs. “Am I no longer part of this family?” Give your child a fair warning about redecorating their room.


Other’s may be eying the space

Are you envisioning a sewing room or a spacious guest bedroom? Well, other family members may already have their eyes on the vacant space as well. It may be the little sister who always wanted a bigger room, or perhaps your spouse who wants a new office.



How about a hybrid room? You will have kids coming home to visit, and they may be bringing friends, significant others, and one day, their own kids. Your child’s room could be turned into a guest bedroom/crafts room combo, meaning when your college student returns home for a visit, they will have a place to sleep but when they are gone, mom has a place to quilt. The concept also works for hybrid guest rooms/offices, media rooms and game rooms. 


Total renovation

Some people may consider remodeling or renovating the home, which could restructure the entire floor plan. Hey, less family members in the house means more room for a spa bathroom or a media room! However, make sure that a renovation increases your housing value and maximizes use for your entire family. 


Beware of what you may find

There is one big warning though: Beware of what you may find when unloading your child’s room after so many years of occupancy. Junior had time to amass all kinds of questionable things in his room – not all of them go with him when he moves. Parents who have cleaned out their kids’ room after they left for college were puzzled by all they found. From petrified slices of pizza under the bed to unapproved items hidden in long forgotten hiding places – be ready.


Empty nesters everywhere are taking back their homes through remodeling projects once the kids are off to college or living in homes of their own. Options for using vacant kid bedrooms are unlimited. Even if you do not do a major remodel, home improvement projects such as fresh paint, replacing old, worn-out furniture, and redoing floors in high-traffic areas can help make your home look new again and give it some much-needed updates – plus it keeps you distracted and way too busy to miss your college student. Or it might be just the time to invest in a new home that meets your downsizing needs.





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