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In-house Customer Care

Apr 20, 2021 Share
In-house Customer Care

There are several reasons to purchase a new Home Creations home. Reason no. 15 is that we have our own in-house customer care team that is ready to help our new homeowners! Every new home comes with several warranties including our one-year in-house warranty.  


One-year in-house warranty

We service every home twice in the first year of ownership. Your first visit from our Customer Care team will take place 60 days after you closed on your new home. The last visit will be 11 months after you had closed on your home. These warranty request appointments are to address any issues you may have had after moving into your new home. Our customer care team is in-house and available 24/7.


How to request your 60-day or 11-month warranty visit? Click here and fill out your warranty request.




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