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Reason No. 24 - Tyvek Housewrap

Jun 22, 2021 Share
Reason No. 24 - Tyvek Housewrap

Dupont Tyvek Housewrap


We believe in setting the standard for building safe and efficient homes; that is why we add several materials behind the walls to ensure this standard is met, like Tyvek Housewrap.


No weather barrier system works harder to tame wind, rain and interior moisture than DuPont Tyvek Housewrap. We install this housewrap around the entire perimeter of the home to protect it from the outdoor elements. This product helps reduce the risk of condensation damage, wood rot, and or mold growth.


In fact, there are several other benefits such as: a high, long-term R value, exceptional moisture resistance, excellent compressive strength, and long-lasting durability and performance.


Preventing water and air from entering though exterior walls is crucial for a long-lasting and high-performing envelope. This product delivers the best balance of water management, air holdout and durability.


We also add Tyvek Tape to the perimeter of windows. This product prevents water and air from entering the house.


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