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Prepare your home for winter weather

Nov 30, 2018 Share
Prepare your home for winter weather


Winter weather in Oklahoma is upon us. Most of us have already pulled out our winter coats, gloves and scarves; but have you prepared your home for winter weather yet? If not, here are some tips.

Replace all filters in your home

Keep your heater in great condition by replacing air filters in your home. It is also not a bad idea to have your furnace and water heater checked and serviced.

Calibrate your thermostat

Most new homeowners may not need to worry, but replacing an old thermostat with an automatic model can save energy and money.

Seal Leaks

Keep your home warm by keeping drafts to a minimum.

  • Check the attic

If the insulation in the attic looks “flat” you might want to add blown-in insulation.

  • Check for drafts

Examine window caulking in every room. Add caulk around doors and windows if needed. Add or replace worn weather stripping around doors and windows.

  • Windows

Add blinds, or other window treatments, if your windows are bare.

Consider replacing your windows if they are loose or not energy efficient. Most heat loss results through windows and doors.

Prepare the plumbing

  • Prevent exposed pipes from freezing by leaving the cold water tap to a “drip”. Not doing so can cause the pipes to burst, potentially flooding your home.
  • Drain water from any outdoor faucets and garden hoses.
  • Identify any pipes that can be prone to freezing in the house. Consider using heat tape to keep pipes warm.
  • Make sure everyone in your home knows how to turn off the water at the source in case of an emergency. This can minimize leaking if a pipe were to burst.


  • If you have a chimney and use it, ensure that it has been inspected and cleaned by a professional before use.
  • Make sure the fireplace damper works.

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